Huge hotel, with 77 rooms of different types, with magnificent view over Krusevo. 

  • Double room in Krusevo
  • Triple room in Krusevo
  • Twin Room in Krusevo
  • Twin Room in Krusevo
  • Bathroom
  • Double room Studio in Krusevo
  • One bedroom from studio in Krusevo
  • Another bedroom from studio in Krusevo
  • Studio Bathrooms
  • Luxury Studio in Krusevo
  • Luxury Studio Bedroom in Krusevo
  • Luxury Studio Livingroom in Krusevo
  • Economy single room in Krusevo
  • Bathroom
  • Hotel Hall
  • Hotel Hall
Hotel Wi-F
Super fast WiFi

Internet usage is 100% free, no limits on speed, download or upload, on a very fast and good WiFi through the entire hotel. 

Breathtaking view from most of our rooms
Breathtaking view

Most of our rooms are looking at Krusevo, from a high point, producing a breathtaking view, to a nest like town, built by aesthetically aware predecessors during the Ottoman Empire. Most of the town hasn't changed and kept it's antique look. 

Hotel Montana Palace has 77 beautiful rooms, equipped to satisfy the modern traveler. If you are interested about the number of each type of room, here is a nice table for you:

Room Type Quantity Additional Info
Double Room 39 rooms They have single use option, and different price if booked as a single room. Options with one double bed or two twin beds. 
Triple Room 16 rooms There are options with one double bed + a single bed, or three single beds
Quad Studio 13 studios Suitable for families, as one of the rooms is prepared for the children. No studio has town view.
Luxury Studio 5 luxury studios Can accommodate only two people, but has extra living room where you can really enjoy the view and your stay
Economic Room 4 economic rooms Suitable for short stays on the budget. None of these rooms  has town view.

What can I expect to find in a room?

Our goal is to offer everything a lightly packed traveler might need. What follows is an alphabetically arranged list of amenities

Amenities Additional Info
Air Conditioning Available only on upper floors and needed only a couple of days per year if the summer is extremely hot.
Bathrooms Private in every room 
Bed sheet Clean and changed every other day
Breakfast Included with every reservation. Upgrade to including dinner and/or lunch is also possible
Desk and chair Usually by the bed
Elevators To every floor, bar the last fifth floor, where only one Luxury studio is found
Extra Laptop  Available on request - basic laptop for light office work
Fridge Available on request. 
Hairdryer Available in every bathroom
Heating Available in every room, and most rooms come with individual controls
Luggage Storage Available in every room.
Pillows  Two pillows per guest
Phone Available in every room, and direct connection can be provided upon request
Room Service Available, with no extra charge.
Sewing Kit Available on request
Slippers A pair of single use slippers per guest
Smoking policy  Smoking forbidden in every room.
Terrace Every room, except 6 of our double rooms, and all of our economic rooms
Toiletries  One shampoo bottle, soap & shower cap per guest per day
TV & cable connection In every room, with a list of channels included in our glossary
Wake Up Calls Available with prior request on the front desk.
Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi with no limits and strong signal in every room
You No one is more important than You. Feel free to ask about anything you might need.

Where are the prices?

As we have variable pricing, it will not be practical to load this page with thousands of prices for every combination you might require. Having variable pricing means that you get to have different pricing depending on the day you want to book, room type, length of stay, number of people per room etc. 

So feel free to click book now, and pick your options to see some pricing.