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Macedonian Dance Seminar - 10 days

Coreograph Sashko Atanasov

We offer the perfect opportunity for you to experience the Macedonian spirit through Macedonian Dance Seminar. Macedonian music and singing are the first thing that comes to mind to anybody that knows something about Macedonia, our spirit, traditions and culture. 

Period for this seminar 24.07.2019 - 03.08.2019

Deadline for application: 05.05.2019

Wedding in Krusevo

Wedding Decoration

Do you want something different for your wedding? How about a different location?

Consider spending your most important day in the magical Krusevo. We have everything you might need for such a wedding. We have enough beds, enough seats in our restaurant and on our summer terrace, and also we have an optional disco where you can take your party further.